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Learn How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

Learn How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

Kidney stone is a common disease that can be painful for you. If you leave this condition untreated, you may have severe kidney problems. Therefore, regularly visiting an urologist in Dubai is beneficial to get rid of this kidney problem. However, by changing your lifestyle, you can also reduce the risk of developing a kidney stoneRead on to learn how to get rid of kidney stones.

Eat fruits and vegetables:

To avoid the formation of kidney stones, you should limit the number of acidic foods you eat. Foods that contain high levels of oxalate should be avoided. The best way to counteract this is to add calcium to your diet. You can do this by adding cheese on top of your spinach. Additionally, limit the amount of red meat you eat. While meat is not necessarily an acidic food, it does increase the risk of kidney stones.

Reduce the amount of salt in your diet:

While the amount of salt in your diet is not always the main culprit, much of it plays a role. Research has shown that people who eat less salt than average have fewer kidney stones. People who eat less salt tend to have less recurrence of kidney stones. In addition, you can also avoid the intake of processed foods like chips and fast food.

Reduce the amount of calcium in your diet:

Keeping the amount of calcium in your diet as low as possible is essential if you’re at risk of developing kidney stones. Studies have shown that higher calcium levels in your urine are associated with a greater likelihood of developing a kidney stone made of calcium. Sodium in your diet should be below 2,000 milligrams per day. You can reduce your sodium intake by reading labels and reducing your salt intake.

Reduce the amount of uric acid in your diet:

While kidney stones are not life-threatening, the positive outlook for treating uric acid stones is that they will pass on their own. In many cases, stones will disappear independently, but the condition may require surgery or dietary changes for others. Luckily, these treatments are very successful. While you’ll have to deal with the risk of recurring stones, dietary changes will help you prevent them from occurring in the first place.